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I have been working for over twenty years to help homeowners, businesses, and design professionals develop living and work environments that people are attracted to, feel comfortable in and want to be connected with.
Color has been a lifelong passion of mine.
Color is evocative. Color can define how we feel: comfortable, energetic, inquisitive.
The color of snow at dusk, the hazy green of mist over a field at dawn, 

old brick, and weather worn oxidized copper.
I print these colors with photography, paint them on canvas, have painted them on walls, and have combined them in tile, counters, textiles, rugs, and furniture,

in both living and workplaces.
I pride myself on my ability to combine the elements of a job: existing colors, preferences of the client, and the big picture. I try not to imprint my taste,

but instead, ascertain what's best for the job at hand.





Design, Colors, Surfaces, Furnishings & Accessories

Design: Input into the use of space. Whether with an existing room or raw open floor plan, use of materials, layout of materials.

Surfaces: Floors, tile, cabinets, countertops, wall coverings, paint, stone, concrete, roof shingles, siding.

Color: Paint, wall coverings, tile, floors, countertops, window treatments, furnishings, accessories, all.

Furnishings: Sofas, chairs, beds, tables, side tables, coffee tables, rugs, art, nightstands, dressers, shelving, desks, accessories…




About Me


I have lived in the Boston area for over thirty years. I created Colorlk in 2000 and have worked in greater Boston, NYC, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. On houses small and large, businesses, and housing complexes.

I grew up in NYC and studied at Music and Art HS and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; with a BFA in graphic design, color theory, painting & photography. I worked for many years in set design, (my father was an artist and production designer for films).

I spent some time as a high-end house painter and helped people pick their colors. I have an intimate knowledge of color from chip to wall from those experiences.

I have renovated, extensively, three of my own houses, I tile, have done carpentry, plumbing, electrical, concrete work, sanded floors and sew. Knowing how to do these things gives me an edge on and off the job site.

My other interests include art painting, photography, graphic design, yoga, gardening, food, cooking, flowers, reading, cross-country skiing, walking…

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